Project Relevance and Need

Women have always played a transformative role in society, and the role of women in birthing new eras cannot be ignored or underestimated. Truth be told, women have been able to accomplish a lot more together, than alone.

Since time immemorial, women have always been able to organize around their needs, through clubs, stokvels etc, and this has made them resilient in the face of many societal challenges they are faced with.

The rise of femicide in South Africa, modernization and the rise of technology, especially social media has increased the isolation of women – but movements such as #metoo have brought to light similarities in the condition of many women around the country, and indeed, the world.

With all the stories that we have heard about women being abused and killed by their partners, a lot of women have outwardly and inwardly wondered why a woman would stay in such an abusive environment, detrimental for her health and wellbeing – and often detrimental to her children. Although a lot of factors contribute to this, we believe that isolation is a large part of this. The first step to abuse is, in fact, isolation.

We want to offer women in and around Johannesburg and possibly nationally a platform to engage with other women, quarterly, to empower themselves so that they can have a brighter future. We will not be dealing with abused women specifically, but want to ensure that women – the largest Metro in South Africa and the economic heartbeat of the continent – do not feel isolated and alone in dealing with day to day challenges.

We want to enable a sisterhood of some sort – many people in Johannesburg are not from Johannesburg, and often, many feel isolated in their struggles, and lonely in their pursuit for financial freedom.

Project Description

The project will be carried out in an event format, at a selected venue in and around the City of Johannesburg, four times a year. The events will be themed and will have the following format:

• A female author will be given an opportunity to launch her book.

• A female medical doctor/nurse will be given an opportunity to tackle a medical issue pertinent to women.

• A female fitness guru will be given a platform to talk about health and fitness.

• A female financial expert/business woman will be given a platform to talk about women, money/business.

• A female expert on the relevant theme – for example, a child psychologist, a marriage counsellor, communications expert etc will be given a platform, given the theme for each event.

The women will pay a registration fee – which will be used for the booking of the venue and food – as well as to cover for the event pack (which will include the book being launched) – this will also incentivize female authors, as they will have both a captive audience, as well as a large purchase of their books.

Each attendee will be asked to bring a pack of pads to be donated to girls in impoverished schools around the City of Johannesburg. Women in and around Johannesburg will be alerted of the event through targeted social media marketing, word of mouth and through alerts in the Newspapers, radio, etc.

Expected Results

Through these events, we are expecting to give women a platform to engage and initiate and build beneficial relationships with other women; give women an opportunity to learn and empower themselves, as well as create a platform for women to come in solidarity around issues pertinent to them. We will also be giving the women invited to speak a platform to further market themselves and grow their business. Women will also be able to network with other influential women.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We intend to not only partner with business women and female experts – but also partner with venue owners, who will be given an opportunity to host at a discounted fee – in return for marketing.

We also plan to partner with organisations who can sponsor items to be included in the event packs that each woman attending will receive. Additionally, we will also partner with funding bodies and organisations – who will be able to assist us in growing this project to reach more women, in more parts of Johannesburg and eventually, Gauteng and the rest of the country.

Sustainability Plan

To ensure that this project is sustainable, we have elected to have it on an event basis – so that we can space out topics pertinent to women, but also, not overwhelm ourselves and women with too many events in the year – considering that we will largely be targeting women who work or own their own businesses – time is of the essence.

We will also ensure that women who participate are kept updated, as well as ensure that we create and maintain productive working relationships with partners, so as to maximize the benefits of addressing women’s issues with a diverse group of stakeholders. Additionally, the organisers are committed to the success of the project, and will foot the bill for whatever financial shortfall we might encounter due to a lack of adequate funding

Evaluation Plan

We plan to evaluate each event by having a survey at the end of such an event, to get feedback from all participants on what worked and what didn’t, and how we can improve our service offering for coming events.


Our organization is relatively small, with only two full-time staff (the two founders). But for aspects of the business we are not skilled for, we will outsource expert assistance.

• Bookkeeper – to be outsourced.

• Formal financial policies and procedures.

Sources of Funding:

• Registration Fees

• Donations

• Sponsorships

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